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All Originates from Invisible Forces

"Dormant forces, faculties and talents become alive, and you discover yourself

to be a greater person by far than you ever dreamed yourself to be." – Patanjali

When I was a child I imagined the trees created the wind because I could see that when the trees bowed and swayed, and the leaves trembled, there was wind. Because invisible forces have the power to set things in motion, we can mistakenly determine the effects we see to be the causes. This example of a child’s misinterpretation of true reality offers a critical insight:

Our psychic invisible forces are the hidden motivators and the unseen determinants of our human behavior.

Or put another way: the fruits of your labor are the result of the roots of your behavior.

The Natural Act of Formation

We live in a world that for the most part is unseen. There’s much more than meets the eye but we mostly relate to the physical world that has form. It’s “the see it to believe it” worldview. The reason is that our minds more readily grasp what is concrete than abstract, relying heavily on our five senses. Most remains unseen only because we don’t recognize it in the forms that we are accustomed to perceiving. Nevertheless, unseen to the eye are invisible forces that hold our world in place, and can shake our world out of place as well. The force of gravity, energy and atomic particles exist though we can’t see them with the naked eye, but we recognize their physical effects and the many forms they can assume.

While we are used to assessing our natural physical world and peering closely into biological forms through a microscope for the discovery of life’s secrets, we often find it difficult to assess our human nature through self-examination and the lens of understanding. Our inner space is in fact the final frontier. Hence, what may not be apparent, and perhaps neglected of introspection, are the invisible forces acting upon the interior world of our mind that affect the form of our living and the secret ways of our life. We are intimately tied to affecting our experience of life and it is this experience that has everything to do with the quality of our lives.

Each of us has been endowed with natural invisible forces that we can utilize for creating the life we want to live. These forces forge our daily living experience. These innate invisible forces are all unseen energies that take on form as they manifest themselves through our actions and behaviors. In fact, all the forms we see began as an invisible force. What we hold in our hand was first held in our minds. It is the passion that fuels a commitment that turns into a loving relationship. It is an idea that results in a successful business venture. It is the dream of a better future that drives an individual to work hard. Invisible forces fuel our desires to either move away from something we want to avoid or draw us toward something we want to gain.

You can take mastery over your interior forces. You might consider these natural forces as your “invis-abilities” since we have the capability of honing our skills and competencies for their positive and productive use in shaping our lives. Since our minds like to categorize things and place thoughts into “holding patterns” for future reference, we keep in place and hold our thoughts in descriptive categorical containers that we draw upon to explain and understand how we live our lives. I’ve identified five such containers that formulate our lives and shape our individual outlooks.

Be consciously aware of and develop the following five powerful natural “invisi-abilities” as your allied forces. Remember, that when you consciously take note to observe these invisible forces you cannot help but see yourself. Even more powerful is to consciously direct them in creating your life, as you become a participant in creating the life you choose to live.

You have the ability to…

1. Direct your Attention

2. Shape your Attitude

3. Change your Beliefs

4. Control your Emotions

5. Strengthen the Will

These “invis-abilities” serve as our most powerful inner human resources. The challenge we face is to assume some command over the inner workings of these forces in order to direct and align them in such a way that is positive, productive, and prosperous for our lives. This is true power accessed through our ability to engage in the natural act of order, our next topic.


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