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Letting Grow and Moving On!

Turning Over a New Belief

One of nature’s greatest success secrets is discovered in the events that happen continuously but are most noticeable in the seasonal changes each year. For example, in the fall, the leaves turn color and soon drop to the ground. The leaf has fulfilled its duty and in doing so the cycle of life continues. The leaf shows no resistance in carrying out this duty-bound activity. As in nature, these seasonal changes pass through us as well. We can readily relate to these in the physical sense, but we also experience the seasons in a psychological way as well. The mind’s seasonal changes come to us as events also, and we often resist them. We don’t want to let go. We don’t want to take the psychological fall. We most often don’t want to change. Our natural defenses are not intended to be walls and barriers that keep a threatening change at bay, but healthy boundaries that sense the disturbance and responds effectively in the best interest of our well being. When the fall takes place one must get back up! It is our duty, not only in life but for life, as a natural and instinctual response to continue the living cycle.

The Natural Act of Letting Go

“You can let go of the fear of unforeseen changes or challenges because the only thing you really ever have to face is yourself.” Guy Finley

One of the lessons we learn early in life is to let go of something that doesn’t feel good and to seek relief by summoning a higher power as in the case of the infant crying for the help of the parent. For example, a child learns at an early age that letting go of the hot pan is a natural instinct that ends the connection to the cause of the pain. At that level it’s simple: letting go means relief. Unfortunately, as adults we seem to hang on to the hot pan longer and worse we often go on picking up other hot handles. Why? Because we didn’t learn the lesson the first time. So we feel the pain again and again until we see the important connection that it is what we hold on to in our minds that causes the pain.

We can become strongly connected to what we identify with. Whether it’s a job position, a relationship, a certain lifestyle, or even an attitude, we tend to become these things. We hold on to these things as if they were a natural part of us. We take ownership for something that really isn’t ours to begin with and even more certainly is not who we truly are.

To let go means to let learn and to learn we must let go. This is why self knowledge is so life enhancing through the act of learning more about ourselves. Old habits, conditioned responses, behaviors, positions, and preconceptions must be released in order to allow new ideas and information to enter and for real change to take place.

In accordance to the law of physics that states that no two objects can occupy the same space, our mind’s thoughts follow the same principle. You cannot harbor a negative and a positive thought at the same time. For that matter you cannot hold any two thoughts in your mind at the same time. Thoughts enter our mind one at a time. The thought that occupies your mind space in an instant can dominant and if allowed to grow, like a chain reaction will create the next thought that can lead to a whole sequence of interconnected actions. It does in fact matter not only what you think but how you think.

Our thoughts are powerful and we can learn to direct them in such a way that is positive and productive for the kind of life we choose to lead. Letting go, to the sincere seeker of self-change, requires the willingness to take an interior look at yourself and question your life. It requires the courage to act and do what is necessary to leave behind the life you’ve known. Old familiar patterns of thinking and behavior, as well as other people will call upon you to return to the old self. Why? Because it’s what they’re used to and it is what constitutes part of their own self-patterns. You will discover who your true friends are in those that will accept you and support your change or you will lose them along the way. They are necessary losses. True inner development and awareness are not easily acquired and they require acts of faith. There are times when all you have is hope. And you feel you stand alone. You must remain faithful that answers will come. You must persist and remain patient.

Hurting the self is not helping the self. The self-help lessons we naturally learn in early childhood still apply in our adult lives. We can live a better life by letting go of what is painful to us and we can summon a higher power for relief. It is only when we gain this paradoxical new self-knowledge do we understand what it means to make the connection to end the connection. The most critical relationship that must end is the relationship we have developed with self-punishing thoughts, life-wrecking emotions, and self-defeating behaviors. Disconnect this line of thought. Render them powerless by pulling out the plug and re-connect with a higher power source. Learn to let go.


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