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Natural Acts for Living

Many people who consistently demonstrate a high level of performance often make it appear like it comes natural to them and they all share one critical habit: they practice the same timeless principles in their own way. Nature knows this secret as well in the redundancy of successful patterns as it demonstrates the application of natural principles to fully become its intended purpose. Although similar patterns in nature are repeated, diversity abounds and uniqueness is assured, and who would argue, but for man's interference, that nature is not successful in achieving its goals?

Contemporary theories of living systems state that understanding the pattern of self-organization is the key to understanding the essential nature of life. Self-organization provides an empowering principle as a natural process in which a system, in seeking its purpose, generates or changes its structure, without this being controlled or imposed by the environment or an external system. An example of this natural phenomenon is the human body. The human body represents a complex organism made up of thousands of individual systems. Although these systems are individual units fulfilling a unique function, they do not stand alone like independent islands. Instead there is unity, teamwork at its best, working together interdependently and interconnected to serve a higher system’s purpose of keeping you alive. In doing so, it exemplifies the fact that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts, yet each unit is essential for the greater good.

While the scientific principles of self-organization are natural facts, they serve also as natural acts in their application to the art of personal growth and development. As a natural self-organizing living system, humans are:

  • emerging dynamic beings, capable of growing and evolving.

  • continuously engaged in organizing activity to sustain our lives.

  • able to adapt and renew.

  • inherently and spontaneously creative.

  • a part of and an essential component, of a higher system than ourselves.

  • connected through relationships.

  • most robust and resilient when we are respective and receptive of the universal laws of nature.

  • intended to fulfill a purpose.

Self organizing principles can emerge in the individual who assumes personal ownership for the direction and quality of one’s life within a system for fulfilling a greater purpose. This offers a proactive, holistic approach that promotes initiative, rooted in the belief that the individual is uniquely capable of personal and collective growth, self-determination, and transformation to a higher level of becoming.

These ideas naturally apply and serve as powerful metaphors for personal enrichment and inner development. Self-development is a work in progress, a lifelong commitment. There are no quick fixes but there are quick applications. There is no magic wand yet something magic-like occurs that can transform your life. Self organization in nature demonstrates that change can happen in a flash; quickly, abruptly, and deeply, resulting in a quantum leap of progress and growth. Apply these principles through practice. Test the truth of them for yourself. After all life is meant to be experimental and witness the results for yourself.

It is hoped that in examining these natural secrets of success that fresh perspectives and new possibilities emerge as working principles in your life.

If you gain one insight, an inspiring idea, or hone a life skill; and should that create a spark of enlightenment, a ray of hope, or a change of mind that helps illuminate the way of your life and strengthens your will to become what you desire, I would consider that a success.

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