Recipe for a Giving Thanks PIE!

In my training workshops, I often use an icebreaker I call, “Life is a Bowl of Cherries.” I hand out a picture of a bowl filled with red cherries. I explain that the cherries represent what they hold as “good” in their lives. Then I ask them to write down some of the things they enjoy doing, such as their interests, passions, and hobbies. We then share our “cherries” in life, and we come to know each other a little better.

This exercise is insightful particularly regarding human motivation, as it reveals what individuals identify with and what they spend their attention, energy, time, and money on. Their “cherries” are what moves them to do. They define what adds meaning and happiness to their lives and represent powerful personal “drivers” as they seek and invest to fulfill those desires. It also shows how much we have in common in the things we often pursue and enjoy.

So, what’s in your bowl? An improved mind shift in positive thinking is when one declares “life is a bowl of cherries” versus “life is the pits!” We desire to avoid the opposite of our “cherries.” That’s why we naturally cherish the cherries and spit the pits! However, it is through self-awareness that we realize that the “pits” too have a moving effect on us. When we take time to examine the “cherries” in our lives, we take stock in the “good” we have in our lives, and in doing so it keeps at the forefront of our mind the things we need to do to maintain those cherished cherries, and more importantly how we need to be.

How we live our lives is related to how we view life. As we realize the “cherries” are the main ingredient in our slice of pie in life, we value them more.

Your Slice of P.I.E in Life

To be the maker of your own pie, it’s important to understand that: our perception creates an impression that leads to our expression of life.

We are intimately tied to the thoughts that describe our experience of life and it is this experience that influences the quality of our lives. Therefore, be aware of these important concepts of perception, impression, expression and the critical role they play as your Slice of P.I.E. in Life that creates the sense of self:

P—Perception (I see): Your point of view of life.

I— Impression (I saw): How you define your life.

E—Expression (I say): What life means to you.

What we perceive defines what we believe. The belief is the “tail that wags the dog” of our behavior. But realize the power we have to change our beliefs. As a result, you can have another slice of PIE that better suits your taste! It means we can change our life by changing our mind. As the head goes, so goes the body. We see, we saw, then we say. We can see a new way of life, for a new impression, and a different expression Go ahead; have another slice of PIE!

Wishing you all a very Happy Thanksgiving !