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The Magic Word that Turns the Will

I was down at the school yard that day when I decided to give it a try. My big brother helped me onto the seat, steadied me, and then gave the bike a push! I was on my way, and on my own. Oh no! At first, what fear, and then, what a thrill!

Do you recall when you learned how to ride a bicycle? Perhaps it seemed impossible to do. You had seen others do it and the fun they were having, but you hadn’t ever tried it.

Then one day the moment of truth arrived just for you. It came first as an “overriding” urge, when your desire to ride a bike was stronger than your fear it couldn’t be done. The time was right. You were ready. You awkwardly climbed aboard the bicycle seat. Perhaps a parent, or an older sibling was there as a steady hand to give you a push forward. Then it was up to you to pedal. You realized you couldn’t stand still to proceed, and you certainly couldn’t look back as you instinctively knew that wouldn’t help! Your gaze was fixated straight ahead. Shakily, you steered and crookedly you rode down the path. As you gripped the handle bars tighter, fear gripped you in a last ditch effort to keep you from moving ahead, that may very well have put you in the ditch!

Your determination increased and you kept pedaling and amazingly the ride became smoother, balanced, and easier. Fear left you as the adrenaline rush of excitement and joy took its place. You had done it! There was a feeling of exhilaration, a sense of new found freedom under your own power to create the momentum to propel yourself down the road. You had done the impossible! You had overcome your fears. You had taken mastery over the bicycle and you would never forget how to ride a bike.

It marked a turning point going forward, and there would be no turning back! It was an example of true empowerment when your personal effort was rewarded with a new-found freedom. And it all began with your willingness to try!

Try is the magic word that turns the will. It’s good to try new things. Otherwise one would have never climbed onto that bike. Where does the desire to “try” come from? Trying is effort, an energy that comes from within. Underlying every effort we make is the power of the will. Common descriptors of the will include persistence, commitment, motivation, and yes a bit of stubbornness too.

As we pedal our way of the will in life, we should keep in mind the nature of our progression: Your destination (desire) has a lot to do with your determination (will). Where you arrive (achieve) has a lot to do with your drive (motivation).

Keep on pedaling!

Excerpt from Awaken and Come Alive!

Copyright © 2022 Robert Hernandez. All Rights Reserved


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