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Also available online through Barnes and Noble, Target, and featured in the Sundance Bookstore (Reno, Nevada)

What others have said about Awaken and Come Alive!:


 I was inspired at the wisdom behind the words of Robert Hernandez. Embrace his concepts and insights. ~ Larry James, author of "How to Really Love the One You're With."

"Well-written and timely! The stories and questions for introspection are compelling and revealing. A must-read for anyone interested in creating and manifesting a game-changing life." ~Phil Johncock, author of Win More Grants Like the Pros in 4 Steps

Awaken and Come Alive is a positive and inspiring book during these times of change and uncertainty. I intend to put the book to good use for my own self-improvement.~ Glenn S. Verified Amazon Purchaser

“Awaken and Come Alive” is a well written and well thought of book that touches the fibers of family, life, and relationships.  This is one, if not the best  motivational manuscripts I have ever read.

~ Mel Christopher Magboo, MD

Unprecedented Times call for Unprecedented Actions!


Robert Hernandez, author promotes the idea to

Awaken and Come Alive!

with the power of Self Awareness to change your life.

Featuring the 5 Master Keys for Life Success

From Principles to Practice

Based on natural and universal principles to support our lives, when we understand that:

  • Forces shape form-all originates from invisible forces.

  • Life naturally proceeds in a proper order.

  • We must change to live and live to change.

  • All humans are inherently and spontaneously creative.

  • All is connected through relationship.


Chock Full of Insights, information, and inspiration to enhance a life of self control, self direction, and self fulfillment!

Learn how to:

  • Manage the unseen with the 5 most critical inner resources and how to make them work for you, not against you

  • Promote order with the Five Rs for Pattern Recognition

  • Create possibilities and solutions when we understand how to properly "breathe information" for fertilizing our seeds of potentiality

  • Be Change Ready through the practice of the ART of Change for Letting Grow and Moving On

  • Cultivate Relationships, and realize the one most important relationship, and how to let it go


Includes true stories to enlighten the soul and warm the heart:

-The US Marine who died three times and came back to tell the story!

-The Magic Word that Turns the Will

-Spill the Beans: A Cooking Lesson in Letting Go

-The Big Fish Story: Not the one that got away but the one that wouldn't let go!

You will learn new terms, principles, and actions like:

- Inner-fearance, Invisi-abilities, The Law of Proper Authority, the Toilet Bowl Principle, and the Jiggle Effect

- The answer found within PAIN that must be attended to for relief

- How to generate PEP, your best Personal Emotional Performance

All intended for a life filled with happiness, wellness, and a higher lifestyle through the most powerful principle for self discovery to:     Know thyself!

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