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Want a new life? Don't hold your breath!

The Natural Act of Creativity

“To the extent that you breathe is the extent that you experience life.”


Each breath that is drawn is a creative act. We are in fact continually creating life. By breathing in we refresh ourselves, replenishing our very cells that make up our physical being. It is a fact of physical science that as we exhale we release the air that is no longer of use to our internal system and then that air is absorbed by plants and trees essential for their own living. Plants and trees return the favor with the oxygen that we need. We are in unison with the natural order of the give and take, reciprocal interaction of the universe. And the cycle of life continues.

Our physical being can be considered an information processing entity. Oxygen can be considered essential information for our bodies. Our bodies require a process of bringing in the new life giving oxygen and releasing the old. This process represents the essential and natural act of letting go. However, every act of letting go begins with an act of grasping. We must acknowledge what it is we’re holding on to in order to let it go. Grasping what is essential to our lives, utilizing it for what it’s worth, and letting go of what is unnecessary is critical to our well-being.

This same process is true in creating our living experience. New information is essential to the creative life and creativity breeds new information. In a practical sense, if you want to feel energized, which has a lot to do with personal motivation, learn something new, or experience something you’ve never done before. You will feel renewed and alive because you have brought in new information and that indeed is like a breathe of fresh air to our creative life.

Hence, the creative process begins in our minds thoughts that give birth to our actions and behavior. Emerging from this are our habits that formulate our lifestyle. Therefore, we create our own circumstances and when we understand this, it means we are personally responsible for our own life. In the natural order of the world, there are no victims only participants. You have the power to be a creator of your own life. Our minds, like our bodies, represent an interactive and instructional creative system. At every level of being both physically and developmentally we learn and grow through information. And just as we must open the windows of a stuffy house to clear out the old and stagnant air, we must be open to allow the fresh air of information to flow through our minds for creativity. Information fertilizes our seeds of potentiality. All humans are in fact life long learners. We however must learn to clear the air we breathe. A balloon filled with too much air will burst but with the right amount will float freely higher and farther on its course but to do so we must release it. This metaphor offers an important secret regarding self-development:

We don’t have to have all the air (information). We need only the right amount and that which is right for us in order to realize the life we want to live. As we let in this expanding air and let go what is no longer useful, we too will go higher and farther on our way as we release it.

Information is everywhere. Information takes space. It is not humanly possible to absorb all the information that exists. Our minds are incapable of grasping all of it. There is useless information and there is the right information that will serve your purpose. There is no such thing as perfect information in the sense of having all the information you need before acting. Just like the life sustaining air we breath, you should inhale the new and exhale the old. Be open to receiving that which is essential and life giving, and dissipate what is no longer of any productive use for your growth and well-being. Avoid the stale—inhale, exhale. Repeat.


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