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Change on the Horizon

Long ago the Peruvian Indians saw the billowing, cloud-like sails of their Spanish invaders on the horizon. Having no concept of sailing ships in their limited experience, they believed it to be something related to the weather and went on about their daily living. They assumed continuity, stability of tradition, screened out the fresh information that did not fit, and as a result were soon conquered.

There is one common thread that runs through change bothersome to most of us: It interferes with our natural desire for continuity in our lives. This common thread of change is more appropriately a common dread, messing with our personal patterns and it makes us uncomfortable. Our love of continuity can be a deceptive value because it can instill a false sense of certainty assuming predictability and security.

How do you feel about change? Is uncertainty challenging your sense of continuity? Is your norm threatened by the “abnormal?” Is insecurity invading? What “clouds” appear on your horizon?

Change “disturbs” our continuity of the familiar when uncertainty sets sail, and on the horizon the unknown appears. Although most people struggle with change, we can be change ready when we accept the following life truth:

We must change to live and live to change.


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