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Optimal Living by Choice

“Life offers you a thousand chances…all you have to do is choose the ones that optimize your best living.”

Realize the incredible power we are capable of as active participants in directing our life forces through our life choices. New possibilities emerge when we choose the optimal way of our lives through the following six steps to freedom through choice:

1. We choose our actions and behavior through our attention.

2. We choose the quality of our experience through our attitude.

3. We choose to better understand ourselves through our awareness.

4. We choose a reality we desire to see through our beliefs.

5. We choose to affect our inner self and therefore our effect upon the

outer world through our emotions.

6. We choose the freedom of choice through exercising our will.

These choices illustrate the importance of how you view your life, and what you choose to look at can make a difference.

* Excerpt from my book: Awaken and Come Alive!


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