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Nine Tips for Letting Go of a Bad Situation

  1. Faith: Give up controlling the situation and release it to a higher power. Trust that the truth will prevail and like the proper nurturing of a seedling given the time and space it will develop.

  2. Gratitude: Realize that your worry and stress over a situation, person, or issue is not time well spent. You should consider yourself fortunate that you have the luxury of the time you’re spending on it and be thankful that you not only have that time but the freedom to choose something more productive and positive. Be grateful for what you have. Things can be worse. Count your blessings and appreciate what you have.

  3. Vision: Look ahead and beyond your current circumstances for a better tomorrow. The sun will rise another day, and trust that the darkness of the moment will pass.

  4. Acceptance: Accept the reality of what is. You cannot change or undo what has already happened but you can accept responsibility for how you want to feel from hereto forward.

  5. Temporarily out of order: Come to believe that it is only a temporary situation so why make it a permanent headache for yourself. Be of the mindset that the problem is fixable and that things will return to normal working order.

  6. Willingness: Be willing to try something different. You can start by having the will to change your mind.

  7. Compassion: Have more compassion for yourself. What’s the sense in pounding yourself in the ground and punishing yourself over and over. Have compassion for others and realize that your hurt also hurts others, especially those closest to you who would also feel relief the sooner you let it go.

  8. Perspective: Switch your perspective. Take on a positive attitude about it. Chalk it up as a learning opportunity and let it go at that.

  9. Forgiveness: Stop the vengeful and vindictive attitude and realize your mal intentions hurt you more, and only serve to keep the wound from healing. Forgive yourself as well for your part and know that forgiveness provides a healing power and is a process. Give yourself the time to feel what you must and then move on. Forgiving is for giving up the useless battle.


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